Accurately portraying complex religions and belief systems can be challenging, and getting it wrong can be expensive.

Our trusted team of experts is on hand to:

  • Audit and assess your newsroom’s coverage and treatment of religion
  • Review ad campaigns for potential sensitivities around religious themes
  • Coordinate and host high-level events and debates on timely religious topics
  • Produce commissioned content on issues relevant to our unique expertise
  • Provide analysis of current events for private or public audiences and publications
  • Recommend best practices for implementing religion into media strategies

We’re always open to new ideas and proposals. For more information on our work and to discuss rates, email RNF’s executive director Tom Gallagher.

Newseum event April 2015
RNF staff and colleagues speaking at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. as part of a British Council-sponsored transatlantic dialogue event.